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The Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Improves Immune Health

We all know that our bodies need oxygen to survive but did you know that deep breathing helps our bodies regenerate cells so that we can fight infections and other illnesses. It strengthens our cells, tissue, organs, and glands so that our overall immune health is strong and able to protect us.

Increases Energy Levels

How many of us complain of always feeling tired? If you are lacking oxygen in your cells you will feel tired a lot of the time. Proper diaphragmatic breathing (breathing through your stomach versus your chest), helps provide adequate oxygen to your whole body and increased energy levels. 

Stimulates the Lymphatic system

How much do you know about your lymphatic system? How many of us are aware of this crucial system in our body? We know much more about our circulatory systems but we have twice the amount of lymphatic fluid in our body as we do blood. Our circulatory system relies on our heart to pump it, while the lymphatic system relies on our breathing to get it moving. The blood pumps oxygen and nutrients to the cells and once they absorb what they need they excrete their waste back out into the sea of lymphatic fluid that our cells constantly swim in. The lymph fluid is responsible for getting rid of what we don't need; debris the cells excrete, dead cells and other waste. Our breathing is what moves the lymph, breathing shallowly can lead to a sluggish lymphatic system which is not detoxifying properly. Deep breathing will help get that lymph flowing properly so your body can work more efficiently.

Increases our cardiovasular capacity

Deep breathing increases oxygen in the blood which gets sent to the heart and means less work for the heart to pump blood to the tissues. In one study of heart attack patients,100% of the patients were chest breathers whose breathing involved no diaphragm or belly expansion. 

Breathwork keeps us looking young

Deep breathing helps oxygenate our cells and so makes us look fresh and youthful after a session. Such a bonus!

Breathing helps with our mental health

By connecting to our breath it is possible to let go of negative patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. We can manage anxiety, depression and negative thoughts, relieve stress and feel more of a positive connection to ourselves and our lives. It is helpful as a tool to overcome addictive patterns of behaviour and to feel more grounded and productive in life. 

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