Sunday 31st May 2020

11am-12.30pm UK 

Breathe Inner Freedom

Join me on a guided breathwork session where you will journey inward to find your inner freedom. Allowing the breath to flow freely creates the space to grow and manifest your best life.


We will focus on letting go of all that holds you back to create flexibility and opportunity in your life.

Limited spaces. For experienced breathers.

Price £20 pp

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Breathwork and Menopause

Join me to discover how breathwork can support you through menopause and perimenopause. Being in the menopause myself I will guide you to consciously connect to your breath. This can create more energy, vitality, confidence and balance. Breathwork can help with hot flushes, changes in mood, life changes and more. Recognising that all women experience differently.

Limited spaces. Suitable for new and experienced breathers.

Price £20 pp

Sunday 21st June 2020


Breathe into Solstice

Join me on a journey inward focussing on expansion alongside the energy of the sun and how it can uplift us, energise us and light our internal fire!  

Solstice happens at an exact moment; the same moment everywhere on Earth. We will breathe into this, reminding ourselves that we are part of a global community.


The sun will be at it's peak and this gives us time to breathe into our own peak moments in our lives. What do you feel really proud of? 

Suitable for people who have experience of breathwork.

Price £20pp

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