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Hi, I'm Lisa Sibley, a breathwork practitioner and I believe we can all feel better and live happier, healthier lives if we take time to connect to our breath. It is so accessible, simple and highly effective, yet most of us haven't heard about it. I certainly hadn't until I met Nicola Price, Inspirational Breathing Founder, in Goa 4 years ago and was lucky to receive a spontaneous breathwork session on a paddle board in the Indian Ocean. It was transformative on many levels, I felt elated afterwards, lighter and full of positive energy. 

I realised that this was what I had been searching for, a way to connect to my body and allow myself to feel again after a challenging few years of big life changes. It was a hugely positive experience for me mentally, physically and spiritually and I knew I had found my path.

Returning to the UK I completed the Foundation Course and subsequently the Graduate Course and I have been offering 1:1's and group workshops for the last 2 years. My dream is to share breathwork with as many people as possible, so that like me, they can learn how to use breathwork to manage their emotions, their mental and physical health and ultimately live a happier life. Everyone deserves that.

My background is in safeguarding, child protection and community development and I strongly value everyone's right to feel safe and the importance of community cohesion. My work included enabling children and young people to get their voices heard so they could make positive changes in society. I have always been involved in volunteering and charity work supporting refugees, women's groups and issues concerning human rights. I am passionate about nature and protecting the natural world. All my work and life experience enable me to bring a deep level of empathy, trust, safety and openness into my breathwork practice.

 I have made my own catch tag "Let Go, Be Free" because I believe  that the more we can let go of the past, of unhelpful habits or barriers we may have, the more freedom we create within us to be happy, to love ourselves and others. I believe the more people that people do this, the more the world could change for the better.


I would recommend reading some of the testimonials on this website so you can get an idea of the different types of experiences people have had and what has brought them to breathwork in the first place. All I can say is that your breath session will be as unique as you are and that you can trust that I will be there fully supporting you.

Incredible shifts can happen that open up your potential to enjoy life more fully; free from fear, anxiety, pain and depression. In fact, free from whatever holds you back. 

An interesting fact about me, I took up DJing in my mid 40's. I've always loved music and decided it's never too late to try something new. You know what? I've even ended up playing at a few big festivals! I incorporate music in most breathwork sessions unless the client prefers silence. I also create and share personalised breathwork playlists for clients. 

I am currently offering 1:1 sessions, breath pattern analysis, group workshops, family/friends group sessions and sessions for couples on Zoom. In person breathwork sessions are dependant on how we can manage your safety during Covid19. See my booking page and feel free to email me to discuss sessions you would like to try, I am always happy to talk to you about breathwork and how it can help you. 

It is all down to the breath. Everything we do, our health and our happiness is just one breath away. 


Lisa x

Breathing Bliss

07768 617387

Cambridge, UK

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