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I am a breathwork practitioner ready to share this life-changing practice with you. As living beings we breathe without thinking but did you know a lot of adults have a dysfunctional breath? I didn't know this until I had my first breathwork session in India. That's when I experienced the incredible power of breathwork to transform my breathing pattern and my life. I've been able to let go of fears and old beliefs that have previously held me back. My physical health has improved as my immune system is fully oxygenated and my stress levels are managed. I've opened up to my full potential and I am happier than I've ever been. This is possible because through my breath practice I can be more fully in the present moment. This is available to all of us.


After my first breathwork experience in India I decided to go on the Inspirational Breathing Foundation course in Brighton with Nicola Price, Founder of 

Inspirational Breathing and from there my journey with the breath led me to train as a practitioner. Nicola's vast experience, wisdom and great teaching helped me develop my own intuitive, heartfelt practice, grounded in presence. I  now have a number of regular clients in Cambridge, London, Italy, New York and France. 


I am currently running 1:1 sessions, group workshops and family group sessions on Zoom (see my booking page and email me to discuss group sessions you would like to try, I am always up for supporting new types of breathwork experiences).


I have had the wonderful opportunity of offering breathwork at Festivals across the UK, working alongside Nicola Price and with Rebecca Dennis and Alan Dolan (Transformational Breathing) at their group sessions at Camyoga, Cambridge and Indaba Yoga Studio, London, and Aimee Hartley from the School Breathe Programme. 


My training, self practice and client sessions have taught (and continue to teach) me so much and I am in awe of the power of the breath to change people's lives for the better. Having said this, I do realise it is hard for people to know what to expect in a breathwork session and you can never really know until you try it. My clients often share feelings of joy, positivity and a sense of reconnection with themselves. In some cases, my clients are able to completely let go for the first time and feel a huge sense of release; feeling lighter and energised by their experience. I would recommend reading some of the testimonials on this website so you can get an idea of the different types of experiences people have had and what has brought them to breathwork in the first place. All I can say is that your breath will show up what is right for you during your session; it knows exactly what is needed and you can trust that I will be there fully supporting that process.

This is where incredible shifts happen and you can realise your potential to live (and love) life more fully; free from fear, anxieties, pain and depression. In fact free from whatever holds you back. 


It is all down to the breath. Everything we do, our health and our happiness is just one breath away. 


It really is so simple, Lisa xx

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