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About Me

I'm Lisa, a breathworker based in Cambridge (UK) working locally, across the UK and worldwide. I believe if we breathe better, we feel better and live happier lives. The more we are conscious of our breath, the more we are conscious of ourselves and everything that's going on in our lives.

My journey with breathwork started in my 20's when I suffered from panic attacks for a period of time. They were terrifying and I felt I couldn't breathe. At that time I didn't understand the relationship between how I was feeling and how I was breathing. Later in life I discovered Kundalini yoga and practiced different breathing techniques (pranayama) that helped me feel energised, calm and focussed. Then 7 years ago on a solo trip to Goa I had my first conscious connected breathwork session with Nicola Price. It was a profound and transformative experience, I knew something in me had changed for the better. I was inspired to go on the breathwork foundation course to learn more about myself and then onto the graduate course with Inspirational Breathing. 


As a practitioner I love seeing the transformation in people who breathe with me. After a session they look different, feel different and they often tell me that the session has changed their perspective on life. Powerful shifts in physical, mental and emotional health occur and help people feel happier and healthier.

I recommend reading some of the testimonials on this website so you can get an idea of the different experiences people have had and what brought them to breathwork in the first place. You can also read my Google Reviews 

I offer online and in person 1:1 sessions, sessions for couples and group family/friends, 'Dance and Breathe' workshops at Festivals as well breathwork and crystal sound healing events collaborating with Kate Stewart from I Know This Girl. 


I work with multiple businesses around the world, offering breathwork to leadership teams running large and small organisations. I witness the difference breathwork makes to their creativity, passion, communication and overall success. 


My in person breathwork sessions are held in Cambridge, London and retreats across the UK. I am available to travel to breathe groups across the UK. Online sessions continue to be available. Please have a look at my booking page to see what I offer and feel free to email me to discuss sessions you would like to try as I am always happy to talk to you about breathwork and how it can support you.  

It is all down to the breath. Everything we do, our health and our happiness is just one breath away.


Lisa x

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