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Lisa’s session was truly amazing. She is very informative with what is going to happen and how I would feel during our time together. Once I had found my breathing rhythm under her instruction and was in a very calming and comfortable place, I found I had drifted away from all my problems and felt -calm and distant.  The session was full of emotion and I even shed a tear..... I felt fulfilled and very clear headed after. It was as though any anxiety in my life had been lifted.......All this by breathing! As a keen cyclist my breathing is varied and Lisa’s exercise’s have helped me improve this in lots of ways. Go and see Lisa! 



After my first breath session with Lisa I was reminded how powerful and important this work is. 
Lisa held the space for me so beautifully - I felt completely safe and cared for and am so grateful for her warmth and guidance during the session.
I’m so looking forward to continuing the breath work with Lisa and can’t recommend her highly enough!’



My breathwork sessions make me feel really calm and help me stop over thinking. I suffer from migraines so I’ve been using breathwork to manage them and for my general health and well-being. I had no idea what to expect before trying it but now I’m addicted. Lisa says breathwork is a good thing to be addicted too because it’s natural and good for me!

I would highly recommend trying breathwork with Lisa, she really makes you feel relaxed and at ease.



Lisa has changed my life with breathwork and given me the support I needed to start to heal. If you are someone suffering with anxiety or depression please seriously consider breathwork. This is coming from someone who truly felt nothing would help but this seriously does. It will help you on your journey to get better or maybe even to just get through your day because every step is important. I never felt the relief from my anxiety and depression like I get from breathwork. Even others around me notice the difference after my session. It makes me feel calm and after I have the best feeling of gratitude. It is the best feeling to have control of my breath when you are someone like me who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks. When I do have a panic attack now my breathwork is amazing for helping me control my breathing and bring me back to a place of calm. If I have done my breathing when I start my day I tend to be in a relaxed and overall better mood so I am less likely to have a panic attack. There is nothing like it! Breathwork has truly changing and is still changing my life. I can't thank you enough Lisa.



I had an absolutely amazing breath session with Lisa. I couldn't believe how rejuvenated and transformed I felt afterwards, simply by learning to breathe properly. It was amazing to observe physical changes too, as well as mental, my eyes have never looked so bright and round! I felt very clam and a lot less anxious after the experience and I have learnt a skill for life. In times of stress I now regularly go to the breath and do the breathing exercises Lisa taught me. Her manner is very gentle and intuitive and she guides you though a unique breathing session with expertise and ease. Thank you Lisa!



I had little knowledge of breathwork before seeing Lisa so didn't know what to expect. Lisa made me feel totally at ease and I was blown away at how easy it was for me to relax and allow my mind and body to focus on the breath. I had 10 sessions and each session was different and through Lisa's calm and insightful suggestions I was able to address issues from my past and present by finally letting them go. I now have the most amazing tool to use when things are getting to me.... I simply take a few minutes to breathe and the positive effects are instant! Thank you Lisa, for equipping me with this new way of living!! It really is life changing and as an added bonus it has helped me lose 3 stone in weight!


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I've had several Breathing Bliss sessions with Lisa and I can honestly say it's a wonderful experience. It's really hard to put your finger on exactly what happens, especially because I've found each one to be completely unique. In one session I experienced pure heaven and in another I felt a connection to some deeply tucked away feelings which then began to shift - and that felt good! I have plans to go back for some more sessions because I want to work some more on those deeper things.  I'm fascinated by the way in which our bodies hold our emotions and I'm excited that Breathing Bliss gives me a way to really tackle them.  I guess I'm also pretty keen on tapping into to that heavenly experience again - it really was a wow moment in my life!


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I had no idea what to expect from my session with Lisa but it was fab. The exercises we went through helped make me much more aware of my breathing and she showed me how small adjustments could change the way I felt. The great thing about it is that they're simple techniques that I've now been able to apply to my day-to-day routine and that's meant it's had a long term impact, well beyond our initial session. I have also used breathwork to help me when climbing.


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