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'Breathwork Business Leadership' development packages are created to suit your business, incorporating individual and team sessions over an agreed period of time to improve business productivity, creativity and ultimately your bottom line.​ Your business is a community of people coming together to create a shared goal; breathwork adds a special dimension to that process. 


As client of 2.5 years, Chetan Venkatesh (CEO of Macrometa) says "Breathwork with Lisa is the secret to our success".


Investing in breathwork for yourself and your team could be what makes all the difference. These sessions happen online or in person depending on location and what is needed to ensure the best outcome for your business. 


'Breath Workshops' are a great choice for your wellbeing offer to your team/staff. They help people gain a new understanding of the power of their breath and learn how to use it as a tool they can use to manage anxiety/stress/pressure at work and for all areas of their lives. Your team will learn about the importance of optimal breathing and how they can raise their energy, focus and creativity levels. Sessions can be focussed on specific themes and be held online or in person depending on the location and needs of your business. 

Breathwork is a wellbeing modality that can easily fit into the working day, it doesn't require any special equipment and is accessible to anyone, regardless of their fitness level. A medical/wellbeing form is sent to all participants to ensure everyone can receive the individual guidance they need to get the most out of the sessions. 

To discuss how breathwork can support your business contact me to discuss what will work for you,


Clients include


Macrometa, California USA (Worldwide Tech)

DNX US (Worldwide Investment)

Edyn Hotel Chain (Worldwide)

Leo Burnett (Worldwide Advertising)

Cambridge University, UK 

Cambridge City Council, UK (Local Authority)

Arcus Foundation, Cambridge UK (Environmental Preservation, Human Rights)

The Rising Network UK (Female Business Leaders)

Citizen Relations London and Canada (PR Company)

Shambala Festival, UK


WildWood Disco, UK (Festival)


Neon in Nature, UK (Festival)​​

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