I offer business development breathwork packages and one-off corporate breath workshops.

The breathwork packages are created to suit your business, incorporating individual and team sessions over a period of time to improve business productivity, creativity and ultimately your bottom line.

One-off workshop's create the perfect opportunity to hold a wellbeing session with a difference. Incorporating a range of breathing techniques that support work and home life; to raise energy levels, to aid concentration, to help with sleep and to manage stress.

Breathwork is scientifically proven to improve memory, focus and concentration. It also reduces stress and this in turn helps us feel more in control and fires up our brains. The bigger your lung capacity, the healthier you are and the more you are able to expand your creativity, innovation and passion. Perfect for supporting you, your team and your business.

To discuss how breathwork can support your business contact me to discuss all the options

Clients include

Macrometa, California USA


Cambridge City Council UK

Cambridge University UK

Arcus Foundation, Cambridge UK

The Rising Network UK

Business Consultation