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Outdoor Meditation


There are many different types of breathwork that you might have heard of, including Holotropic, Pranayama, Transformational Breath and others. The main breathing technique I teach is called 'conscious connected breathing". It is natural, safe and has many benefits; increased energy, a stronger immune system and a more relaxed state of mind. It also enables you to reach emotional and spiritual states that enable person transformation.

We always start with the basics. You breathe all the time but how often do you notice how you breathe? Do you notice when your breath changes during the day or when something happens in your life? Do you hold your breath sometimes and does it often feel restricted, shallow, all in your chest or shoulders?


As babies we naturally breathe from the diaphragm, gently expanding our abdomen in a natural flow. However many adults have problems with their breath; breathing more in the shoulders, chest, shallow breathing or controlling the diaphragm (the exhale).

This happens because as we go through life we unconsciously hold our breath when we are scared and tighten our bodies to avoid feeling painful or unsafe feelings. These responses to life become habitual over time and can change our breathing pattern. This can cause us to feel tired, stressed, anxious and out of control. 

Having a breathwork session will help you to get back to your 'baby' breath. As a result you feel lighter, energised, more focussed, happier, living life more fully in the present moment. Huge changes occur that are beneficial to your mind, body and soul. 

Once you learn more about how breathwork  releases tension held in your body, you will have this tool for life. It is the perfect way to keep you well and strong. Breathwork will help you maintain a happy, bright and calm vibration in your life. It really is the best way you can look after yourself! 

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What happens during a 1:1 Session?

  • At the start of your session we will talk about what has brought you to breathwork.

  • You will then have a breath pattern analysis so you can understand more about your breathing pattern. 

  • I will teach you the conscious connected breathing technique to bring the breath into your diaphragm, belly and chest so that it can flow effortlessly and easily.

  • You will breathe under my guidance for up to 40 minutes.

  • Followed by 'receiving time' where you can relax and integrate the benefits of your breathing session.

  • At the end we will discuss how you feel and your experience. I will give you after care information.

I use positive affirmations, movement and sound vibrations to support you through your session. I also play music tailored to your particular session unless you prefer not to have music.


I am there to reassure, support and guide you. 

Please visit my booking page to see the different types of breath sessions I offer and if you have any questions please email me 

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