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Sandy Beach

Relax, Restore, Reset Retreat

Join myself and Kate Stewart for our beautiful new offering, “Relax, Restore and Reset Retreat” from the 6-10th May 2024 at the luxurious Beach Sun Retreat in Kent. 


We have created the perfect few days of transformative, nourishing, restorative breathwork and yoga practices. We have added in time to enjoy nature, eat delicious food, relax, make new friends and have some fun. You’ll experience our unique BREATHWORK and SOUND HEALING sessions as well as have the opportunity to try Kundalini Yoga, an Energising HIIT class, Ecstatic Dance, Meditations, Sea Walks, Saunas and Swimming, Fire Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies and a Cinema Night at the house. 


The Venue

Located right on the beach at the beautiful Beach Sun Retreat is a luxurious 9 bedroom sandy beach front villa in the Kentish seaside town of Dymchurch. We think you’ll love the unique and quirky interior design, including the St. Tropez indoor beach with Real Sunlight safe sunbathing, Himalayan salt and gemstone sauna, Jacuzzi baths, 9 boutique bedrooms, 3-D Cinema room and large chillout spaces. It really has everything needed to make the perfect rest, reset and restore retreat space.  

About our "Relax, Restore and Reset"  Womens Retreat

We invite you to step out of the busy pace of life and immerse yourself in a few days of relaxing, restorative and transformational practices by the sea. This retreat is the perfect place for you to unwind, find space to breathe and come back to yourself. Often we spend too much time in our heads and neglect our bodies and feelings. We live in ‘fight or flight’ mode, dealing with work/family/life and hardly have time to stop and check in with ourselves.  This retreat will give you that time and space to reset your nervous system, reflect on your life and enjoy yourself at the same time. 

Delicious vegetarian food will be cooked with love and served by our in-house chef, Ania. Our menu, catered for all dietary requirements, is tailored to nourish and replenish. You'll leave with happy bellies and happy hearts!


Here is an example of how the 4 night/ 3 full days will be timed and the different practices you can choose. You’ll see that we’ve factored in lots of down-time too, we see this as essential for you to leave fully restored. During downtime you can choose if you’d like time on your own walking on the beach or journaling, sunbathing in the garden, hanging out in the sauna or getting to know one another. 

A typical retreat day may include:

  • 7am - Tea Station / morning snack

  • 7.15-7.45am  - Beach Walking Meditation (optional)

  • 8am-9/9.30am- Morning Practice -Kundalini Yoga/ Exercise class on the beach/ Sea swim/ Beach walk

  • 9.30am - Breakfast

  • Free time

  • 1-2pm Lunch

  • Free time

  • 4pm-7pm - Afternoon practice - Conscious Connected Breathwork and Sound Healing/ Cacao Ceremony/ Ecstatic Dance

  • 7.30pm - Dinner

  • 8.30pm - Evening Gathering - Letting Go Fire Ceremony/ Cinema Night/ Ecstatic Dance


About the Breathwork and Sound Healing

When we are at dis-ease in our bodies and feeling out of balance, we are out of harmony. Our breath is the key to creating energy in the body, so it makes sense that if it is in any way restricted, our capacity to be authentic or achieve our full potential may also be restricted. Conscious connected breathwork helps to shift any restrictions and open up a pathway to transformation. Alongside this, there are proven benefits for the entire nervous system, including increasing physical and psychological health.


During the session, Lisa will guide you to consciously connect to your breath whilst leading you on a guided journey through the energy centres in your body (Chakras). This helps create a sense of calm and ‘flow’ throughout your body, relaxing your mind so you can drop deeper into your body. This process allows inspiration and transformation to flourish in the present moment.


Whilst the breathwork is happening, Kate will play her Crystal Singing Bowls to help you go deeper into your body. The combination of conscious connected breathing and sound healing is powerful and transformative together because the bowls produce healing frequencies that also activate your parasympathetic nervous system. These frequencies slow our brainwaves down, quietening down our monkey minds and so help you relax more into where your breathwork will take you. 


At the end of the breathwork part of the session, Kate will play a deep Sound Bath which will help you drift into a floaty dreamlike meditative state, helping to bring about balance and harmony, remove any stagnant/ stuck energy and help to relieve stress and anxiety.

At the end of the Sound Bath we will come back together in a circle, to connect and share whatever you want with the group (no obligation to share your experience). We often finish with a song around the altar and a big group hug. 

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